Preferred Customer Program - Purchase at Dealer Cost

One branch of the AMSOIL business is the Preferred Customer Program. This program allows the customer to purchase products at wholesale prices. As a Preferred Customer, the customer may not sell AMSOIL products or sign-up dealers. AMSOIL will ship your product and take your orders.

Become an AMSOIL Dealer

Becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, the opportunities are endless. AMSOIL's wide selection of sales programs provides Dealers with a most profitable business. The demand for new synthetics is for the most part, there. As an AMSOIL Dealer you should find those seeking synthetics. Or, be the sales person you are, and talk your way to a sale. AMSOIL products are so superior, they sell themselves.

As an AMSOIL Dealer, you can purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer cost and sell them at the suggested retail price. Your income can start building immediately with retail profits and commission bonuses. By offering others the AMSOIL opportunity and sponsoring them as Dealers, you can expand your market potential and maximize your profits. The commission value of your downline is added to yours, increasing the percentage of your commission and giving you a larger commission check. The more Dealers you have in your organization, the more profits you make. AMSOIL is a legitimate multi-level business and NOT a pyramid scheme. AMSOIL has been in business since 1972.

In addition to signing up new Dealers, you may also wish to sign up Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers are people who are not necessarily interested in the AMSOIL business opportunity, but who may be in the future. The Preferred Customer Program allows such people to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost.

Also, mail order catalogs can be used most successfully for retail companies. As an AMSOIL Dealer you can distribute AMSOIL Retail Catalogs to thousands of potential customers. When they order from your catalog, AMSOIL takes the order and ships the product. You receive the retail profits and sales commissions.

Commercial Account - Save Your Company Money by Using AMSOIL

The Commercial Program is for any company that wishes to purchase lubricants for use in vehicles or equipment. As a Commercial Account, purchases can be made for less than cost. Before you could do this, you must register your account and tax identification with AMSOIL. AMSOIL extends credit, takes orders, ships the product, invoices the product, and collects the payment. If you are the person who signs up the commercial account, you will receive commission for the entire product they purchase.

Retail On-The-Shelf Account - Sell AMSOIL Products in Your Retail Store

One more branch of the AMSOIL business is the Retail on the Shelf Program. Any company that wishes to sell AMSOIL products in their place of business may purchase them at less than cost. The company then profits by the difference between wholesale price and the retail price for which they sell the product. AMSOIL has a 30 day credit line for qualifying accounts, allowing you to get started quickly and stay well stocked. Once you've established a retail account, AMSOIL extends you credit, takes their orders, ships their product, invoices the product, and collects the payment.

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