Oil Filters

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters

Ea Oil Filters

These Oil Filters are made with a synthetic nanofiber technology, making them the most efficient filters that are available for the auto & light truck market to date. This filter is guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year when used with Signature Series 100% Synthetic motor oil.

AMSOIL Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters

Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters

This filter is for heavy duty, on and off the road gasoline and diesel vehicles. Provides extended service intervals, for those who take their vehicles the distance with the longest drain interval, recommendations are with Signature Series 100% synthetic motor oil. Note cannot exceed interval changes more than one year.

AMSOIL SDF88 Oil Filter

SDF88 Oil Filter

Features cellulose media designed for original equipment manufacturer recommended change intervals, for Ford 6.0/6.4L Power Stroke Diesel Pickups. This filter works with both BMK11 and BMK21 bypass systems. And can replace the Donaldson P550528 and WIX 57312.

WIX Automotive, Light Truck and Racing Oil Filters

Automotive, Light Truck and Racing Oil Filters

Made with a full metal base plate for strength at the double seal & also features a silicone anti drain back valve. Captures particles with enhanced media offering greater efficiency than other cellulose/synthetic blend Medias.


Oil Filters

This oil filter purifies oil from dirt and solid particles such as dust, abraded metal, carbon deposits and soot particles. The filter housing is pressure resistant and protects against corrosion.

Donaldson Oil Filters

Oil Filters

This oil filter is made with a higher dirt holding capacity and at the same time is highly efficient compared to conventional cellulose filters.

Donaldson P-Series Lube Filters

P-Series Lube Filters

These are made with full synthetic or synthetic blend media for highly efficient filtering and for increased motor emissions control.